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Bottomless Bucket 3RD Gen - Financing Available

Bottomless Bucket 3RD Gen - Financing Available



This Bottomless Bucket 3RD Gen. is the perfect accessory for any sub-compact tractor owner, allowing for maximum productivity moving large volumes of light weight materials around your property. Despite its lightweight (160LBS on FEL) it's durable, and designed for easy attachment to your quick attach tractor. Financing is available, making it even more accessible. With this bucket, you'll be able to get more done in less time with ease.


  • Move wood to your fire pit
  • Move mulch to your garden
  • Move manure and shavings from the stalls to the compost area
  • Cut and stack saplings to take to your burn pile
  • Collect construction debris to transport to the dumpster
  • Rake or shovel out material from the bed of your truck right into the bucket
  • Transport lawn & garden tools
  • Lawn and leaf cleanups



3rd Gen Features

  • Lightweight Solid Aluminum Bucket bolted together
  • Kubota B/BX Series & John Deere Quick Attach Compatible (Choose JDQA or SSQA)
  • Easy and Quick Assembly - Only a couple of 9/16" wrenches needed
  • High Dump QA Bracket - No 3rd function valve required
  • 22.81 cu ft (0.845 cu yds)
  • 59.5" L X 25" H X 26.5" W (avg. width)
  • 160 LBS
  • 600 LBS Load Capacity


Options Available: 
Choose one of the two options available for the Quick Attach Systems. Choose from John Deere Quick Attach (JDQA) or Kubota Skid Steer Quick Attach (SSQA) which gives you dumping from a height approximately 24" from the ground. Dumping the bucket usually just requires lowering it and shaking the bucket with your joy-stick.


  1. SSQA - High Dump - Kubota SSQA
  2. JDQA - High Dump - John Deer QA


* Contact Us for Instructions to Roll Your Own Mounting Brackets if you don't have a compatible tractor. We can ship you brackets with no mating hardware.

  • Before Ordering

    These buckets are made to order so expect 3-5 weeks for delivery 

  • Assembly Instructions

    To begin assembly you'll need two 9/16" wrenches (one socket and one open end) and a table or 4X4 posts to rest the floor of the bucket on while you assemble the other panels.  Once you have your staging area prepared follow these simple steps.

    Approximate time to assemble (60 mins). 

    Be sure to use a lubricant on all the hex bolts to prevent seizing of the nuts over time.

    Step 1: Place floor panel onto the staging area then bolt the left side panel (L) onto the floor panel (O) using the lower 3 bolt holes.  The front of the left panel is angled so be sure to match it up with the angled front of the floor panel. 

    Step 2: Bolt the back panel (B) onto the floor panel (O) using the 5 back bolt holes on the side panel, and the  5 lower bolt holes of the floor panel working from the left panel towards the right leaving the last bolt open.  

    Step 3: Bolt front panel (F) onto the side panel (L) and then to floor panel (O) using the 5 holes on side panel and 5 of the 6 holes on the floor panel working from the left panel towards the right.  Leave last hole on the right side of the bucket open for now.

    Step 4: Bolt right side panel (R) onto the 3 panels (F, O, B) using the 5 holes on the back and front of side panel, and the 3 holes on the bottom.  The main bucket is now complete.

    Step 5: Place corner gussets in and align to holes.  Note that the gussets are trimmed on one side to prevent interfering with the back side bolts so be sure to flip them so the trimmed end is on the back of the bucket.

    Step 6: Install the Quick Attach Brackets to the back of the bucket.  There is an explicit left and right QA bracket so be sure to mount the left and right brackets such that they will line up with the male QA on FEL.  It should be obvious which is the L and R bracket.



  • Technical Specs

    The Basics

    The Bottomless Bucket is made of 3/16" solid aluminum with all panels bolted together.  The QA attachment brackets are available for JDQA and Kubota SSQA and are made of 1/8" steel that are also bolted onto the bucket.  The bucket and all brackets are powder coated in a graphite gray color.



    Dimensions: 59.5" L X 25" D X 26.5" W (avg. width)
    Volume: 22.81 cu ft (0.84 cu yds)
    Weight:  128 LBS
    Bucket Material: 3/16" Sheet Aluminum
    QA Brackets
    QA Mouting Brackets Material: 1/8" steel plating
    Weight: 32 LBS
    JDQA or SSQA Compatible (CAT 1 Sub-Compact/Compact)
    Bolt Hardware
    70 Stainless Steel 1" X 1/2" Bolts
    70 Stainless Steel Self Locking Nuts
    140 Stainless Steel Washers

$1,849.00 Regular Price
$1,650.00Sale Price
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