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Move More Material More Easily & More Safely

As avid gardeners, my wife and I loved our new sub-compact tractor because it made many jobs a lot easier.  We would use our tractor to move material around the property and to dig out large rooted plants etc.

By far, moving material was our most common use for our tractor, but what we found is that the buckets that comes with most sub-compact tractors are too small to move large volumes of material like bark mulch, garden refuse, lawn clippings etc.  This resulted in more trips back and forth from the mulch/compost pile to the gardens, which meant more wear on the lawn, and more fuel expended.  

We looked for a solution and couldn't find anything that worked very well, and so we decided to design our own bucket.  The 1st GEN bucket was a great step forward, but it wasn't well suited for mass production.  The 2nd GEN bucket improves on the original design, made of solid aluminum and bolted together vs. the first gen bucket that was 1 1/2" sq. aluminium frame welded together.  We dropped the actuated door in favor of an angled front panel that allows for the material to still be dumped, but without the need for a third-function valve.

We're confident that once you have this bucket, you'll use it more than any other implement you own.

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