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Bottomless Bucket 1ST Gen

Bottomless Bucket 1ST Gen


The Bottomless Bucket 1st Gen attaches to your Kubota Quick Attach giving you a huge bucket  (38880 cu in. or .833 cu yds.) to transport and dump all your lawn and leaf debris, construction debris, fire wood, bark mulch, manure etc.  It comes with an actuated door that requires a third function valve, and opens the door from the drivers seat for easy dumping of the bucket.



  • Transport Wood to Fire Pit
  • Transport your mulch to your garden
  • Transport your manure and shavings from the stalls to the compost area
  • Cut and stack saplings to take to your burn pile
  • Collect Constructing Debris to Transport to the Dumpster
  • Rake out material from the bed of your truck right into the bucket
  • Transport Lawn & Garden Tools
  • Lawn and Leaf Cleanups


1st Gen Features

  • Lightweight 1 1/2" Sq. Aluminum Frameed Bucket welded together
  • Kubota  B/BX Series Quick Attach Compatible
  • Finished Unit - No assembly
  • Actuated Door - 3rd Function valve required 
  • 22.5 cu ft  (0.833 cu yds)
  • 60" L X 26" H X 24" W
  • 168 LBS
  • 400 LBS Load Capacity
      $1,500.00 Regular Price
      $299.00Sale Price
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